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Getting to Know Anthony and his Family

Photograph of Anthony with his mother and fatherMeet the terrific trio: Ruth, George, and son Anthony. Anthony is almost eighteen months old and is growing with leaps and bounds. He was diagnosed at birth with an abnormality on chromosome #19. It has presented him with several challenges, but the two major ones are a single right kidney and abnormal muscle tone. He has low tone in the upper portion of his body while having high tone in his lower extremities.

Anthony has blossomed in the past few months and is keeping Mom very busy as he learns to sit with support and progresses toward crawling. This "young musician" likes toys that make noise and play music. He has created his own unique dance style.

George's job as a military support person has required him to be out of the country for months at a time. Dad is now back home. Ruth stayed at home to care for Anthony until recently, when he began attending child care. Ruth is now employed and is active in many community activities.

Anthony receives all of his support services in natural environments including his home, a child care center, and a play group at a local church "Mother's Morning Out."


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Illustration of activities that revolve around home such as diapering, bath, therapies, nap/bed time, church, doctor visits, play, car travel, meals/snacks and TV/videos

Anthony going down a slide

Illustrations showing activities that may occur at child care such as meals, diapering, stories, arrival and departure, nap, songs and music, and play both indoors and outdoors

Anthony's mother reading a book to him

Illustration showing activities that may occur at the play group such as toy play, music songs, outdoor play, snack and planned activity

Photo of Anthony's mother brushing his teeth

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Graph of Anthony's daily routines listing specific target activities, who facilitates the activities, how they are to be facilitated, cues to Anthony's responses, contingencies for Anthony's behavior, locations where the routines happen, and opportunities for when the routines should be facilitated.

photograph of children's blocksClick Here to Obtain Blank Form (PDF)

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Anthony's early intervention team, including his family and careproviders, designed the following plan for targeting the identified outcomes throughout his day. This activity chart, while not meant to delineate specific methods, cues, and contingencies, served as a written reminder to all facilitators for strategies to promote acquisition of skills.

photograph of children's blocksClick Here to Obtain Blank Form (PDF)

Link to long description of Anthony's Family Guided Intervention Routines (DOC)

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Graphic of document centered around a hair brushing routine. It lists the faciliators, methods for eliciting responses, cues, contingencies, opportunities for implementing the routine, and target responses to the intervention.

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Illustration of a small pad of paper titled, Anthonys good and bad hair days, with steps to encouraging Anthony to request the hair brush, use the hair brush and put the hair brush away. The pad of paper is used to document wether Anthony requested verbally or by pointing.

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